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Welcome to the Ether Catalogue!
Come and find out more about all the Ether Writers and their work which is available to read from the Ether App.

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The last 10 stories released in the Ether App are shown below.

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‘The Old Woman’ by Janice Parks

Did she allow this to happen? How? None of it mattered now anyway.

‘Gray’ by Janice Parks


‘The Candy Trap’ by Ava Carpzov

A young girl on holiday with her parents uncovers their secret lives as she begins the journey into adulthood.

‘3D Audrey’ by Alyson Faye

Audrey Hepburn ignites possible romance on the Tube.

‘Virus’ by Ava Carpzov

An unethical doctor gets a nasty surprise when a state of the art machine installed in his surgery turns against him

‘Children's Games’ by Alyson Faye

A homeless man has a supernatural encounter.

‘The Bus Station’ by Rae Newsome

"Strangers" at a bus stop.

‘Loneliest days of my life’ by Gordon Robertson

I wrote this while in rehab #3 - my memories of my short spell in prison. Seems so far away until I re-read it and then it is real again.

‘''Midnight Whispers''’ by Will Neill

A radio station in Belfast Maine recieves a late call from a young boy who claims to be lost, Two investigative reporters uncover a twenty year unsolved murder case of seven missing boys

‘THE OTHER GUY’ by Tolu Daniel

Story about a young man who has decided to denounce the status quo and moving on to face the bigger challenges in relationships