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Love to Write? Love Ether

Ether Quick Publishing reaches a new global audience of people who love to read. Our Quick Reads are published straight to mobile or cell phones, and are the perfect length for reading on the go. Entertaining content that readers carry in their pockets. Quick Reads are works of 6,000 words or less that can be read during a daily commute, on a flight, or anytime someone has a spare 15-20 minutes. We publish fiction, non-fiction, essays, poetry, fast fiction, columns, and serialisations. We love discovering new writers and we even publish previously published work if you have global rights to the work.

We curate all content and are not a self-publishing platform. We operate a members-only scheme for our writers. We look forward to working with you and receiving your feedback. If you are new to Ether and want to learn more click on “New Writers Continue Here” below:


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